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Hello, since yesterday the multiplayer of Anno 1404 history edition no longer works. When launching Internet or LAN, a message saying \"Session creation ...\" remains indefinitely. Do you have any information? Thank you

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@lordbenito33 When I start a multiplayer game, both of us start on the same ship at the same town and can both control the ship. We each see a red circle around the ship when we select it and a white circle around the ship when the other selects it. This is very weird. Also, under Diplomacy, there is an NPC and my profile portrait and both of our names are under my profile. It's like we are playing co-op on the same ship. Does he sail the ship and I fire the cannons? This is crazy.

Hey @te5la thanks for posting about your multiplayer expereince in Anno 1404 History Edition.It sounds like you are playing the co-op mode multiplayer, instead of the normal multiplayer where you play against each other.The game multiplayer game modes work like this > Online Co-OpYou can play together with friends and share control of one empire by adding a friend below you on the multiplayer campaign screen. You will start with one ship between you at the beginning of the game.Online MultiplayerTo play with a friend as a rival, please create a separate slot for them on the multiplayer start screen and invite them to the game. To continue your online game mode, please select the correct campaign from the main menu Load option.Are you able to check your multiplayer player options, to see if you are able to play as rivals, instead of controlling the same ships?

@ubi-milky I finally figured this out, but it is very obtuse. We were both going into the "Multiplayer" area and I would invite him, but he would not get any notifications. I finally realized that the other players cannot be in the multiplayer area and must be at the main menu to be invited. This isn't made clear anywhere. The invitations don't appear in Ubisoft Connect, nor does the invitation thing there work either. Players must be in the game itself and only the hosting player can be in multiplayer and other players must be at the main menu of the game. This, at least, is how it works for us.

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