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Plumber Crack Game

In your head, you want to look away and not stare. But for some strange reason, it is difficult not to gawk. There is a weird pull going on, drawing your eyes to the quirky sight. And before you know it, you are staring at it. Yes, having a plumber over means there is a good chance you will also be staring at his butt crack. Blame pop culture or what-not. This game takes on cliche. Check out the free Plumber Crack desktop PC game now!

Plumber Crack Game

In this desktop game, you can drop something in the crack and see how the plumber will react. You can start with a peanut or a quarter. Wondering how he will react to an ice cube? Drop it and see his reaction. is your No. 1 download site for free online games for PC. We have popular games such as Granny, Gacha Life, Subway Surfers, Pixel Gun 3D, 8 Ball Pool, Mobile Legends Bang Bang and others. provides cheats, tips, hacks, tricks and walkthroughs for all games.

Description:Plumber Crack - hilarious and slightly vulgar sports project of original content. Gamers will witness the work of a plumber. Not fake films for adults, but the most genuine, with all the canonical features. Including slipping pants. And they create a very unusual test. Players accurately and with correctly verified force should throw various objects into the inter-creepy area that has shown itself.Features:* Choose your plumber: Norm or Betty* Throw things in the asses in the kitchen, in the office and on the golf course* Choose from more than 15 items that you can throw in the butt* Collect coins and earn money to buy costumes, tattoos and items* Collect collections from time to time to make bucket-filled buckets

There are a variety of options to choose from including who your unfortunate plumber is: Norm or Betty. Norm is wider so the chances of landing your missile and scoring points is higher while Betty is more petite but certainly challenging. The more ice cubes you land perfectly, the more money you get and this is how you can accumulate Crack Bucks. Using this currency, you can customise your plumber (my friend funnily enough gave Norm a tramp stamp which is distracting whenever I play).

The Plumber had different roles in the film and Qwark's retelling of events. In Qwark's retelling, the Plumber was entirely aware of his events in the original game and had a similar role. Ratchet and Clank found him working on a way to escape planet Novalis, entirely aware of his role in the original release.

There's just no better way to kill time than tossing melting chunks of ice into a plumber's crack for the better part of an hour. Fluik Entertainment has just added a certified juggernaut to their short list of casual games with Plumber Crack (free).

The creators of such wildly popular iOS games as "Office Jerk" and my own favorite "Office Zombie" have moved past the workplace into a longtime cliche that is brilliantly fun to play. The Edmonton-based indie developers who've seen over 8 million downloads from their lineup of casual games in the past year are rapidly becoming masters of the medium.

This new freemium app is certain to have many independent developers rushing to brainstorm their own titles by following Fluik's lead to "keep it simple", which seems to be resonating with iOS gamers.

The iPad version of this game looks amazing, even though the graphic design here is kept deliberately simple. In-app purchases allow users to buy "Crack Bucks" from anywhere between $4.99 and $99.99 in order to unlock levels and alternate costumes to play dress-up with "crack boy."

Launched only on March 1st, Plumber Crack has already worked its way up into the number 3 spot on the iTunes Free iPhone and iPad App charts. With this kind of repeated success, I'm certain that it won't be long before the dangerous minds at Fluik Entertainment become an acquisition target by any number of companies seeking a turbo launch into the mobile game space.

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The Plumber Crack gag is a classic comedy staple. It is a situation in which a plumber or other blue-collar worker of similar ilk (in British English it is more often called a "builder's bum") bends to do some task and exposes their butt crack in the process to onlookers.

Throw stuff at the traditional Plumber Crack under the kitchen sink. Or, go for the second most popular crack sighting: the IT Technician under your office desk. Plus we're adding new scenes all the time for you to hone your "crack" throwing skills.

The message is right on, though: whenever you have a leak or drip, make sure that you call in your favorite plumber. They should get the job done pretty quickly and make sure you can go back to having normal plumbing.

Did I say that 15 of them would be puns? I meant like 18 or 19 of them. Puns are the lifeblood of the plumbing marketing game. Puns make you laugh and make you think of various things that are both related and unrelated to the plumbing industry.

This is more of an insider joke and less of a marketing term for plumbing. It basically means that things will be rough and all flow downhill, but that payday comes at the same time every week. It is more for plumbers and their apprentices to help get through a particularly rough week than anything else, but it is still one of those funny sayings worth noting and is still highly relevant in the industry.

Plumbers always get a bad rap for having a visible butt crack. I blame it on the heavy tools we keep in our pants' pockets and the short tee-shirts we wear. So many plumbers display butt cracks that it has become known as a "Plumber's Crack" no matter who has one. When I taught high school plumbing and I saw a student who had what I called "early-onset plumber's crack" I'd nod my head in approval and tell the kid, "you've got real potential".

I used to spend the entire day tugging my pants up so I didn't look like the stereotypical plumber, but I've been teased so often by my family and friends I no longer care. I've reversed direction on it and now I'm proud of my Plumber's Crack, it's what distinguishes me from the average Joe.

I've never been a gamer. But I've had an iPhone for a year now and I've gone to the app store more than I care to admit. While cruising the internet I came across a video game called "Plumber Crack". I added it to my iPhone and just recently started playing.

The idea of depositing ice cubes and other items, down a plumber's crack, or anyone who has a plumber's crack, is really nothing new. Many have tried, but in my experience, they've been unsuccessful. In this video game, with a little bit of practice, players can consistently swipe up and find the crack. It's addicting and you can choose a female plumber and she giggles when you land one clean, earning you points as a "Sniper". If the ice cube bounces around a bit before finding the crack, it's called a "Rim Shot". If you win enough you can dress her up in skimpy clothes, but that's really weird. (kinda fun though!)

Throw stuff at the traditional Plumber Crack under the kitchen sink. Or, go for the second most popular crack sighting: the IT Technician under your office desk. And now, follow Norm and Betty down to the beach - they're gonna get more than sand in their swimsuits!? Pick your plumber: Norm or Betty? Toss things in their butts in the kitchen, the office and on the beach? Choose from more than 15 items to throw in their butts? Collect coins and earn Bucks to buy costumes, tattoos and throw items? Complete collections over and over again to earn buckets stuffed with Bucks? Arcade, Sharpshooter and Time Challenge modes? Leaderboards and 55+ achievements - impress your friends and family with your crack throwing skills

Plumber Crack (Get the Plumbing) - The developers of the game Plumber Crack become professionals with a Canadian company Fluik Entertainment, whose core competence is the production kontenta for the iPad and iPhone. But not so long ago, they moved on platformu Android, and we have to admit, it turned out they had a pretty good idea. Plumber Crack positive toy, and the mood is you will be able to raise the necessary. The main character - not a young plumber pants which, according to the classics of this genre, a little half-mast, and above this point will be constantly joking. A peasant will work bent over, and you'll see it from the back, you will want to disturb him in his work, throwing him in the pants balls, icicles, and all sorts of other things. From the exact hit our hero begins to move and lose the coin on the floor. Coins - a prize for your efforts, which will be credited to your account, and for a number of selected coins, you can exchange them for valuable and useful bonuses. For the ones you buy in the market for launching new items and clothing. Also, the hero of his, you can change clothes in different forms, which would give the toy more laughter.

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Lately, I've had to the urge to replay titles immediately before their sequels hit, so I couldn't break this routine that is soon to become tradition with New Super Mario Bros. I wasn't looking forward to the upcoming Wii release until recently, so to make sure that I really wanted this Mario that will most certainly be a retail blockbuster, I decided to revisit New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS in the truest form by replaying the entire title. Being a Mario game veteran, it didn't take me long to clear (including all of the secret levels), but I must chronicle what this portly plumber's 2.5-D journey meant to me.

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