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Cinematic Sound Pack WAV

Song Starters - 05 (includes full mix previews, pianos, chords, brass, strings, percussion, pads, drums, nature sounds, vocals and midi) - 57Drum Hits - Build Ups - 12Drum Hits - Deep Hits - 44Drum Hits - Power Hits - 41FX - Risers - 07FX - Whooshes - 40Loops - Basslines - 25Loops - Drum Beats - 81Loops - Full Mix - 25Loops - Instruments - 44Loops - Midi - 07Loops - Synth - 36One Shots - Atmospheres - 25One Shots - Drones - 17One Shots - Synths - 04Total Samples - 451Total Midi - 14Tempo -72bpm - 180bpmInfo - Key: YesUnzip Size - 4.4GBZip Size: 2.1GB

Cinematic Sound Pack WAV

Download Zip:

Push your tracks to new heights with our 100% royalty free sounds, loops, midi and preset packs. Designed by music producer royalty, all our sample packs are crammed with the finest drum beats, basslines, synth loops, instrumental loops, drum sounds, one shots, vocals, fx, presets, stems and midi.We release sound packs weekly, covering all genres including House, Techno, Trance, Psytrance, Progressive House, Melodic Techno, Drum & Bass, Deep House, Downtempo, Tech House and more.

Browse our sample catalogue by genre or category for speed of use. Enjoy our sounds with key and tempo labelling, associated midi, simple folder structures and the Zenhiser seal of approval in quality.

BOOM Library sound FX come as WAV files, meaning you can import and work with them in any software that can handle this file type. Here are the most common audio and video editing software tools that work perfectly with our sound FX

We differentiate between sound FX and sound file. Each sound file can contain multiple variations of a sound (up to 6 variations based on the product). That way, we assure to provide you with different styles of a single sound in one file instead of multiple files, keeping your database nice and clear and speeding up your workflow as you have multiple variations available by dragging only one file to your audio host software.

Designed and loaded with powerful effects and dark reverberations, these sounds are ready to be dragged-and-dropped into your project. Everything listed by key makes it easy for you to adjust to the right pitch.

This collection of cinematic sounds is everything your other libraries are not, turning natural sounds into dark echoes, orchestral instruments into slashing whooshes. CINEMATIC EXPRESSIONS covers the range of cinematic needs that includes all the sounds between the hits.

I simply wanted to say THANK YOU for your tireless work on your stellar quality recordings. I sound design a fair amount of the LEGO product animations. I wanted you to know that BOOM Library was an integral part of my recent Telly Award winning success! LEGO released a set for the Tantive IV (Princess Leias ship) in which I sound designed their product animation. The sound design received a Gold Telly Award and I used the Mechanicals library on.

Working with raw material that sounds fantastic and is meticulously organized are both astonishingly important aspects of my work as a sound designer. Working with sounds I can trust and find easily means that I can focus my time and energy on being creative, and I value that immensely. It doesn't matter if I'm designing sounds for an enormous monster in a dome theater film, a cute mushroom for a pixel art game or an immersive nature ambience for VR - I always find what I need with BOOM Library sounds and I can trust the material completely.

In every game I work on, I try to make good use of all the different sounds that my kids make around the house. By layering those sounds with some great BOOM creature source, I can ensure that we have completely unique creatures in our games.

Working on MONSTERS & BEASTS with BOOM was a great experience, and we are already planning for the next ones. The source in this library is amazing. It provided us with unique assets that we could then manipulate further to create the sounds of the fantastic beasts in Anthem.

MONSTERS & BEASTS is another great release from Boom. A broad array of sounds to fit any creature feature and all with the punchy low end we know and love from Boom. Being able to access the raw recordings, as always, is fabulous.

The Team at Boom Library have done it again with a huge array of sounds for MONSTERS & BEASTS. The designed sounds are fantastic and the construction kits are inspirational. One thing I like to do is look for non animal or human sounds that can be shaped into a monster vocal.This kit includes off the beaten track ideas such as an Accordion, Plungers and Styrofoam. All things that can be twisted and turned into highly original Monsters and Beasts!

Having the ability to browse a library with a unique character and at the same time with many variations of sound performance is crucial for the success of a sound that makes the difference. Modern UI together with The Interface (another great product Boom) is definitely the ultimate solution for any type of application that includes buttons, screens and colored lights!

Modern UI from Boom Library gives you those big Hollywood blockbuster sounds without breaking the bank. When you close your eyes and just listen to the previews your imagination immediately runs wild. As a sound designer I understand how important the connection between sound, picture and the audience is. Modern UI gets me the results I need in no time.

BOOM libraries are an absolute staple in my SFX library arsenal. I owe a lot of my success to the amazing tools BOOM has provided me! The quality of each library is absolutely incredible and I can always count on each sound to be the highest fidelity possible.

The "Creatures" library has lots of good wet close proximity sounds that are often difficult to get from real animal recordings. I typically have to record myself to get those, so this is a welcome addition to my library. Nice work and nice price!

An excellent, excellent collection. With the Cinematic Metal library, you could almost do any high end trailer with those alone. I'm so happy there's a company like you guys out there. The need for these type of sounds are monumental. Especially for us at Riot Games, we need more, and more.

I discovered BOOM Library in 2011 when I was searching for a large variety of sword types SFX for a project and came across the Medieval Weapons - Construction Kit library. Since then, Boom Library is hands down my favorite sound library maker in the market. The quality of the source sounds for the Construction Kits are incredible. Crisp, wide frequency ranged, more than enough variations for each file (essential for game audio), clean, and sonically interesting.

TheoryForm has been using the Cinematic Hits, Medieval Weapons, Magic, and Nature Essentials libraries to build sound effects for Hazewalker, our premier action platformer. The sound quality of these libraries is unparalleled at this price point - they are clear, crisp, and a pleasure to work with.

I used BOOM Library's Cinematic Hits and Magic while working on an a major portfolio piece while I attended film school in Vancouver. The recording quality of the libraries was incredible and I remember being so inspired by some of the sounds that it was becoming difficult to decide which sounds NOT to include in layering the most epic impact moments of the project. All in all I'm very happy with the ones I've purchased so far and I always look forward to expanding my collection of BOOM sounds whenever a project has a need for top notch evocative sound design.

I was hired as a Supervising Sound Editor on a Horror Western titled Bone Tomahawk. I needed some updating to my own library of sounds & was familiar w/ the quality products that BOOM offers. I loaded up w/ Prairies, Historical Firearms, Gun Handling, & of course, Horses, & I was more than set. The Historical Firearms were especially fantastic. The depth of the recordings coupled with the ability to tweak the original sounds w/ the Construction Kit, gave me so many options for authentic, Turn of the 20th Century SFX. BOOM nailed it.

BOOM libraries have quickly become an integral part of my sound fx library. The Close Combat library has made its way into every fight scene in 'Scandal', 'How To Get Away With Murder' and 'The Catch'. The fight cloth fx work great to glue a fight together and the designed impacts come in very handy on short turnovers when time is scarce. BOOM's recording quality and metadata is top notch!

I use BOOM libraries in my projects almost daily. My work on "TURN" used Historical Firearms almost exclusively for weapons. Now I'm working on "NCIS: New Orleans", in which I'continue to use Historical Firearms for gun design, as well as Close Combat and Magic for various fight and design moments. They are a great addition to my library, and a "go to" for anything that I need that sounds huge and clean (which is just about everything!)

I must say that this is a really impressive release. I've been working with all your stuff in almost all my works in trailer and commercial music, but... wow... this is a step forward in my opinion. It sounds so clean, modern and punchy that I'm eager to have more stuff like this! You're always my first choice to add punch and epicness to my music. So, please make more Cinematic Trailer volumes - There are never enough.

I finished an epic film Dracula the Dark Prince. A direct to video action pack starring Jon Voight as Van Helsing. The film required the intense use of the MEDIEVAL WEAPONS, CLOSE COMBAT, HORSES, CREATURES, WILDCATS, CINEMATIC TRAILERS, CINEMATIC HITS and CINEMATIC METAL. My goal was to make this film sound like a very expensive movie without having the big studio film budget at my disposal and the BOOM libraries help me achieve that. The quality and the power of the BOOM libraries make it fairly easy to create great sound designs by either using the already prepared sound or the Construction Kit. The sounds are fantastic and I always start using the BOOM libraries over anything else.

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