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Fire Upon The Deep Epub 11

Fire Upon the Deep Epub 11

A Fire Upon the Deep is a science fiction novel by American writer Vernor Vinge, published in 1992. It is the first book in his Zones of Thought series, which explores the effects of spatial location on the intelligence and culture of different civilizations in the galaxy. The novel won the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1993 and was nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Novel in 1992.

fire upon the deep epub 11

The novel is set in a distant future, where humanity is one of many intelligent species in a vast and complex galaxy. The galaxy is divided into four regions, or Zones of Thought, each with different physical laws and levels of technological development. The Unthinking Depths are the innermost region, where only simple life forms can exist. The Slow Zone is the region where Earth and most of human civilization is located, where faster-than-light travel and communication are impossible, and artificial intelligence is limited. The Beyond is the region where most of the novel takes place, where faster-than-light travel and communication are possible, and artificial intelligence can reach superhuman levels. The Transcend is the outermost region, where godlike entities dwell, incomprehensible to lower beings.

The novel follows two main plotlines that converge in the end. The first plotline involves a group of human explorers who accidentally awaken an ancient evil in the Transcend, known as the Blight. The Blight is a malevolent entity that seeks to destroy all life in the galaxy, and can manipulate matter and energy at will. The explorers manage to escape with a mysterious artifact, called the Countermeasure, that can somehow stop the Blight. They crash-land on a medieval planet in the Beyond, inhabited by dog-like aliens called Tines, who have a collective mind composed of several individuals. The explorers are split into two factions: one that wants to use the Countermeasure to stop the Blight, and one that wants to keep it hidden from everyone. The second plotline involves a group of human rescuers who try to find and help the explorers, while evading the Blight's agents and allies. They also encounter other alien races and civilizations in the Beyond, some friendly and some hostile.

The novel is available in various formats, including epub 11. Epub 11 is a file format for digital books that supports advanced features such as fixed layout, media overlays, accessibility, math expressions, and interactive elements. Epub 11 is compatible with most e-readers and devices that support epub 3 or higher. Epub 11 files can be downloaded from various sources online, such as [Internet Archive] or [Free Library of Philadelphia]. Alternatively, epub 11 files can be created from other formats using conversion tools such as [Calibre] or [Sigil].

A Fire Upon the Deep is a classic of science fiction literature that explores themes such as intelligence, communication, culture, identity, morality, and destiny. It is widely regarded as one of Vinge's best works and one of the most influential novels in the genre. It has been praised by critics and readers alike for its originality, creativity, scope, and depth. It has also inspired several sequels and prequels by Vinge, as well as fan works by other authors.

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