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Where To Buy Piercing Jewelry Near Me

Good Life Body Piercing + Fine Jewelry is a specialty piercing studio located in Akron, Ohio. We provide a full array of body piercing services with a keen eye for design using the safest methods possible and only the highest quality implant-grade jewelry made in the United States.

where to buy piercing jewelry near me

Our Murfreesboro location has been open for 18 years, starting in 2001. Located near the center of town, we are proud to bring the same high quality piercing experience you know and love from our Nashville location out closer to home.

With the popularity of body piercings at an all-time high, there are tons of places where you can buy new body jewelry. Dozens of online retailers, body jewelry stores, and more have popped up over the years making shopping for jewelry easier than ever.

Most body jewelry comes in varying gauges (the thickness of the bar that goes through your piercing) and lengths. You need to be aware of the optimal sizes for your jewelry so that it fits comfortably and safely. A piercer is the best one to give you those measurements.

The truth is that the wrong shape and size of the jewelry can cause issues in your piercing. Before you go shopping for body jewelry, make sure that you know which styles and sizes your piercing can accept.

There are quite a few body jewelry stores out there, but not all of them use quality materials. Low quality materials can cause irritation even in piercings that have been healed for years. The best thing that you can do for your piercing is to ensure that you purchase body jewelry that will fit comfortably in your piercing without causing irritation or other issues.

Thanks for stopping by! I've loved spending the last 15 years learning the art of body piercing, with meticulous attention to all the details. I have a deep-seated love for unique high-quality jewelry, but my first goal is to offer a comfortable experience in what can sometimes feel like an unfamiliar setting. I encourage and honor individuality and self-expression, regardless of how that looks. I value my partnerships with American and artisan-made jewelers who only create pieces with the highest-quality metals and authentic gems. Browse our inventory online before your appointment to get an idea of what you'd like to be pierced with, or select something special that we can ship directly to you anywhere in the United States. Thanks for stopping by!

Circular barbells, a horseshoe-shaped ring with two threaded balls on either end, are a favorite in septum piercings. These can be very easy to change on your own because each ball is removable and can be unscrewed. As with all jewelry made from small removable parts, make sure you change your jewelry somewhere where you can see if any pieces try to make an escape!

Nipple, navel, and genital piercings can last for a lifetime, but even so the piercing can shrink quickly if jewelry is not kept in. If you are removing jewelry, make sure you have something ready to put back in, and when in doubt, make a trip to see your local piercer for help.

It may seem obvious, but make sure your piercings are good and healed before you go about switching your jewelry. And not just that it looks healed; make sure it is healed. (For approximate healing times for different piercings, check out our aftercare pamphlet.) A healed piercing is one where discharge (or secretions) are minimal and where your body has grown a solid channel of skin from the entrance to the exit of the piercing, creating a path for jewelry to be inserted.

Putting jewelry in dry is extremely difficult, and can easily damage your piercing. Slippery jewelry may be a bit more difficult to handle, but makes for an easier jewelry change. Water-based sex lube is ideal, so get yourself a trial-size tube of K-Y Jelly (or something similar). Soap and water will also work, but stay away from petroleum-based products.

While it may seem like a good idea to insert jewelry while looking into your bathroom mirror, or in the shower while the skin is loose and warm, small pieces can be hard to hold and ends and balls are often lost down the drain. Instead, sit in the center of your bed where you can easily see and recover dropped jewelry.

Crown your best outfits with our selection of jewelry for your body piercings. From titanium jewelry that accentuates your body to pieces featuring delicate gems and stones of stunning colourways, find your finishing pieces to tie any look together. Elevate your style with our body jewelry collection available at our online store.

Whether earrings, septum jewelry, or plugs and tunnels, Ask & Embla has creations of all forms for you to own your edge. Browse our body jewelry shop and carve your own style with pieces from our selection of original body piercing jewelry. To effortlessly elevate your everyday outfits for different seasons and occasions, peek into our style guides for inspiration.

This is for a number of reasons. When you place a piece of jewelry through the clitoral hood, especially if it has a bead, it can increase sexual pleasure for the wearer. Many who have struggled to orgasm in the past claim that after they got the VCH piercing, they were able to climax (some for the very first time). This is because the VCH piercing takes place in the hood that covers the clitoris, leaving one end of the jewelry directly touching the clitoris, increasing sensation.

Additionally, many women receive the vertical clitoral hood piercing for aesthetic and empowerment purposes. A pretty piece of sexy body jewelry in such a sensitive area allows them to claim their body and their sexuality as their own.

The vertical clitoral hood piercing actually has a relatively easy healing process. You should expect to spend only 4 - 8 weeks on healing. Aftercare for the VCH piercing is much the same as any other piercing; make sure that you clean it with saline solution 2 - 3 times daily, and try to protect the jewelry from snagging.

Black Hole Body Piercing is an award-winning, woman-owned piercing studio that has been making Reno beautiful since 1994. We take pride in offering specialized, professional piercing services in a clean and friendly environment. We consistently strive for excellence, from our body piercing services to the jewelry we sell.

Not only do we provide the best body piercing Reno has to offer, we also have a large selection of high quality, USA-made piercing jewelry. With hundreds of styles to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect piece for your body piercings, new or existing.

They are the best! Extremely professional team, super clean, huge selection of beautiful jewelry. They are just so wonderful all around! Went for my 8th piercing by Ahimsa team today(got previously pierced by both, Adam and Alex) and Alex did an outstanding job, as always!

Renowned for stacking, styling and piercing. EricaJewels is a jewelry brand that are dedicated to revolutionizing the way you shop for and wear jewelry, offering a wide range of exquisite gemstones earrings, rings, and necklaces.

If you have any piercings, you already know how important it is to buy jewelry from safe places that won't harm your body in any way. Plus, you don't want to end up with cheaply made products that will chip and break as soon as you buy them. You have to be careful in order to make sure that you don't get ripped off. If you're unsure of where to go, here are some of the best websites where you can buy a cute body piercing as well as a stylish plug: is probably the best website of all to buy body jewelry from. It's easy to navigate, because it gives you a menu where you can choose what type of jewelry you want, what size gauges you want, what material you want, or what price you want. You could even purchase necklaces, tee-shirts, and gift certificates from the site. It has absolutely everything you could ever need. is perfect for anyone with piercings or even tattoos. It sells aftercare products for anyone with ink, belly button rings, eyebrow rings, barbells, and even customized jewelry. That means if you can't find anything, you can just create your own, so there's no way that you'll be unhappy with the finished product. has some unique pieces that you won't find anywhere else. It sells jewelry made of amber, copper, bone, shell, and wood. If you want to stand out by wearing something that none of your peers own, then this website has exactly what you're looking for.

This site appeals to everyone, because it has such a large variety. The best thing about is that it has classic earrings for women who only have their earlobes pierced. Of course, they also have jewelry for every other type of piercing.

The Body Piercing Studio at Carribbean Connection was established in 1995. We were the first piercing shop in Jacksonville Beach and 25 years later, we remain the most well respected and trusted shop in the area. From the beginning, we set a very high standard and have continued to live up to that high standard through each and every interaction with our customers. Whether it's for a fresh piercing, a jewelry purchase, or simply just a consultation, we can assure you your first visit to Carribbean Connection won't be your last.

Whatever body jewelry you may need, Chi-Town Tattoo and Body Piercing carries a large selection of body jewelry* at the best price in the Chicagoland Area. All the body jewelry in our studio is made of high-quality metals like stainless surgical steel, titanium, titanium (grade 23), 14 karat gold, and bioplastic to ensure your piercing heals well.

Before cleaning or tightening the balls on the piercing jewelry, always wash your hands first with Frangrance free antibacterial soap. Doing so will help eliminate any transfer of harmful bacteria to your piercing or the area. It is recommended not to use rubbing alcohol, peroxide, or any ointment such as Neosporin for your piercing, as these products may cause problems. 041b061a72

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