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20 Random Songs From The Thomas Hawk 5 Star ITunes Playlist

The Ratings Migration Plug in does not work. OK so I mentioned before that I love the ratings feature built into WMP. My problem is this. I spend hours and hours in my home office rating songs as I hear them. I build a well managed library sorted from one to five stars. Now Im sitting in my living room with my Media Center Edition PC and want to only hear my 5 star songs. Guess what? I cant do it. With WMP 9 I used to be able to use the Ratings Migration Plug in and save the ratings on my home office PC and then restore them on my networked MCE machine in the living room. For some reason with WMP 10 the Ratings Migration plug in no longer works. Thus unless I want to manually re-rate my entire library there is no way to create a five star listening list in the living room. Very, very frustrating.

20 Random Songs From the Thomas Hawk 5 Star iTunes Playlist

I have spent hours in windows media player deleting duplicate songs, some as many as four of the same, only to have them start duplicating again before I get through the list! I have unchecked the boxes that I thought were causeing this to happen, but that did not help! Is there a way to prevent this program from adding duplicate songs? Please help if anyone knows how to fix this problem!!!

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